When You Need a Little “Happy”

So, it’s Monday.  And, it’s raining.  Of course that brings to mind a song!

Anyway, it’s no secret that I love plants and I love essential oils (which come from plants).  I started using essential oils a little over two years ago to help with anxious thoughts and sad feelings.

Like most folks, I’ve been dealing with lots of BIG stuff for about two decades (but, who’s counting, right?!):

  • infertility issues
  • miscarriage
  • difficult pregnancies (ever heard of PUPPP??!!  Let’s just say it’s NOT pleasant or pretty…)
  • false diagnosis of neuroblastoma for our 8 month old son (thankfully, it turned out to be a calcified adrenal gland!)
  • building three houses (okay, we didn’t actually frame them in or lay the bricks, but we did supervise and do some of the inside finishing ourselves)
  • moving five times to four different cities in two different states (Why do I hear my military friends laughing at this?  I’m sure they’re thinking “ONLY five times?!  Puh-lease!”)
  • Mother diagnosed with breast cancer (she’s doing great now, by the way!)
  • being a single parent much of the time, because my husband’s job requires a TON of travel
  • daughter diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 8
  • death of three Grandparents, three Uncles, one Aunt, and my only Brother
  • Father’s open heart surgery

I’m sure there’s more I’m blocking out not remembering, but you get the picture.

I’m sharing this not to compare hardships.  We ALL are going through, or will go through, difficult times in our lives.

In fact, I’m sure many of you are looking at my list and thinking “That’s it?!  You think that’s hard?!  Let me tell you what’s HARD!”.  I get that.

We all have a different capacity for dealing with tragedy, and I wish none of us had to go through any hard times or sadness.

Still, if you struggle with anxious thoughts and sad feelings like I do, you probably understand that it doesn’t take too many “difficult times” or “BIG stuff” happening in rapid succession for life to begin to seem as if everyday tragedy is the norm.

Embracing the joyful times becomes more and more difficult.  Being hopeful can almost be scary – even when you are a Christian, and you know, know, KNOW that God has SO “got all of this” and there is no need to worry!

Yes – medications can help.  Admittedly, I’ve tried several that were prescribed by physicians.

Still, as I learn more about health and wellness and study how our bodies work, I’m beginning to believe that simply medicating a person with a blanket prescription drug is not the answer.  We are all too different.  Our experiences – our bodies – are unique. God made us that way!  One size definitely does not fit all.

That being said, there’s no doubt a prescription medication might alleviate certain symptoms of a condition or disease.  Still, one has to wonder if that medication is actually fixing the problem or simply masking symptoms of the root cause?

Here’s a question:  What if the answer to healing those who regularly struggle with sad and anxious feelings (as well as numerous other conditions) might actually be found through a more holistic, natural approach – analyzing the overall health of an individual and determining the role circumstances unique to them (stress/environment), physical health (diet, exercise, sleep), and spiritual health (prayer/meditation) might play in their overall health and well-being?

I know.  BIG question.  And, way too much to go into here…  Still, it’s absolutely fascinating, don’t you think?  Definitely something that merits serious consideration and exploration.

Now, back to essential oils…I’ve personally found essential oils to be a wonderful tool for managing anxious thoughts and sad feelings.  When I started using oils, I only diffused them.  Now, I use them topically and internally, as well.

I love, love, love researching the benefits of different oils and creating new blends!

In fact, a blend that has been very helpful to me lately is one I call my “Happy, Happy, Happy!” blend:  6 drops Lime, 5 drops Elevation: Joyful Blend, and 4 drops Spearmint.

I have to say, it smells A-MAZ-ING!  I dare you not to feel happy when you diffuse it!

I hope it will help lift your spirits as much as it has lifted mine!


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